Xinisteri grape variety

Xinisteri is an indigenous grape variety that has been grown in Cyprus for thousands of years. This is the most widespread white grape variety in Cyprus. It is cultivated all around Cyprus but is primarily (50%+) located in the Paphos region. Xinisteri is one of the two varieties used in the production of Commandaria. Commandaria is a traditional, sweet dessert wine that has been produced in Cyprus for the last 2800 years.

Xinisteri is mostly cultivated in limestone soil and thrives even in the driest and hottest areas of Cyprus. The majority of Xinisteri vines are trained using the traditional “goblet” system. Xinisteri grapes are oval shaped, have a thin skin and are medium in size.

Xinisteri produces fresh, light wines with an alcohol content of around 11-13%. The main aromas found in Xinisteri wines are apples, stone fruits (Peaches, nectarines) and some citrus notes.

Xynisteri grape variety, Indigenous Cyprus grape


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Οινοποιείο Φικάρδος

Στο οινοποιείο Φικάρδος δουλεύουμε σε στενή συνεργασία με τους αμπελουργούς και στοχεύουμε πάντα στη συγκομιδή των καλύτερων σταφυλιών. Εκτός από διεθνείς ποικιλίες στο οινοποιείο Φικάρδος δίνουμε μεγάλη έμφαση στις κυπριακές γηγενείς ποικιλίες.

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