Spourtiko grape variety

Spourtiko is a very rare, indigenous, white grape variety grown in Cyprus. It represents only 0.2% of cultivated vineyards on the island and is mostly grown amongst other grape varieties. Fikardos Winery was the first Winery in Cyprus to produce Spourtiko wine. The variety was neglected by winemakers because no one considered it good enough to make wine. Spourtiko, at the moment, is produced by two more wineries and is becoming more and more popular amongst consumers.

Nowadays, Spourtiko is mostly planted within Maratheftiko grapevines in order to help it overcome its pollination problem. Single Spourtiko vineyards are almost impossible to find. The majority of Spourtiko vineyards are located in the Paphos region in villages such as Kili (450 m) and Panayia (1100 m).

Spourtiko grapes are so delicate that they burst very easily; this why the variety was named Spourtiko, which in Greek means ‘bursting”. Wines made from Spourtiko have a yellow-green colour, are low in alcohol and have herbaceous and citrus character.

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Fikardos Winery works in close cooperation with vine growers and always aims in selecting the best grapes for vinification. Besides working with international varieties the winery gives strong emphasis to Cyprus Indigenous varieties.

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