Shiraz grape variety

Shiraz, or Syrah, is one of the best red grape varieties in the world. In France and most of the ‘Old World’ it is called Syrah, whilst in Australia, the ‘New World’ and Cyprus it is called Shiraz. Shiraz is considered to be one of the oldest grape varieties in the world and it is believed to originate from the city of Shiraz in Persia, now Iran. The lack of evidence to support this, along with recent DNA results, indicates that Shiraz is more likely to be indigenous to France. Other names used for Shiraz are Syrac, Petite Syrah, Marsanne Noir, Serine, and Balsamnina.

Shiraz grows best in poor, well-draining soils, gravel, granite and limestone. The variety is grown in both cool and hot climates. Compared to other foreign grape varieties, Shiraz has adapted very well to the climate of Cyprus.

Shiraz Berries are small to medium in size with a thick skin and have a round or slightly oval shape.

The particular soil and climate of Cyprus produces powerful, full-bodied, dark red Shiraz wines. Wines from Shiraz are rich in tannins, have adequate acidity with aromas such as black pepper, clove and licorice followed by a dark fruit aroma such as blackcurrant, blackberry, plum and black cherry.

Shiraz grapes fikardos winery vineyards in paphos, Cyprus


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