Colour: Dark umber

Body: Full

Acidity: High

Taste notes: Dry apricot, dry figs, honey, walnuts, carob

Food pairing: Enjoy it on its own after a meal at a very cold temperature. With desserts such as Cypriot spoon sweets (whole fruit preserves), kataifi, and basbousa

Vintage: 2004

Alcohol: 14%

Variety: Muscat of Alexandria (Single vineyard)

Vinification: Grapes sun-dried for three weeks, fermentation in oak barrels, unfiltered

Ageing: Eight years in oak barrels

Longevity: Potential to age beyond 50 years

The only vintage released. Sunnama is derived from two words; sun and nama. Sun from the sun-dried grapes used to make this wine and nama from the ancient Greek word for sweet wine.

Available only at the winery