The only vintage released until today. Sunnama takes its name from the words Sun and Nama. In the ancient times all sweet wines of Cyprus where called Nama.

Taste notes: Dark umber color, full body, high acidity. Aromas and flavors: Dry apricot, dry figs, honey, walnuts, carob.

Food pairing: Enjoy it by its self after a meal at a very cold temperature. With desserts like Cypriot spoon sweets (whole fruit preserves), kataifi and basbousa that are equally sweet.

Vintage: 2004

Alcohol: 14%

Variety: Malaga (Muskat of Alexandria)

Vinification: Sun dried grapes (3 weeks), fermentation in oak barrels, unfiltered.

Aging: Eight years maturation in oak barrels, aged in the bottle for seven years.

Longevity: Potential to age well even beyond 50 years.

Available only at the Fikardos Winery