Colour: Ruby red

Body: Full

Acidity: High

Taste notes: Dark cherry, dark plum, blackberry, blackcurrant, prune, clove, smoke, vanilla, and nutmeg

Food pairing: We recommend meat dishes such as venison steak, rib-eye steak and wild rabbit braised in red wine sauce

Vintage: 2021

Alcohol: 13.5%

Variety: Yiannoudi (Single vineyard)

Vinification: Eight days of skin contact, alcoholic fermentation at 22-24 degrees Celsius, followed by malolactic fermentation

Ageing: Eleven months in oak barrels

Longevity: Fifteen years from the vintage

Designation: PGI – Protected Geographical Indication of Paphos

Production: 1300 bottles

All our grapes are grown in the Karias vineyard, close to our family village of Choulou. This one hectare vineyard has rich gravel and loam soil. Our vines are trained as bush vines and are spur-pruned. This vineyard is dry-farmed, relying solely on natural rainfall for irrigation.

This wine is only available at the winery and in a select number of wine shops