Mataro grape variety

Mataro originates from Spain and is mostly cultivated in the Mediterranean region. Historians believe that Mataro was introduced to Spain by the Phoenicians in 500 BC. Other names used for Mataro are Mourvedre and Monastrell. The name Mataro is derived from the town of Mataro in Catalonia. The name Mourvedre is derived from the town of Murviedro in Valencia, and the name Monastrell from the Latin word monasteriellu, which means monastery people. The grape became synonymous with monasteries because it was grown in almost all monasteries around Catalonia.

Mataro was introduced to Cyprus during the late 70s together with other famous international varieties. This magnificent grape variety has proven to produce exceptional wines in Cyprus.

Mataro produces medium-size, thick skinned grapes in compact bunches that are usually conical in shape. The thick skin of the grape makes it susceptible to diseases and produces wines that are deep red in colour with many tannins. Wines from Mataro are highly aromatic and have notes of dark berries or meaty flavours.

Cyprus Mataro is also famous for producing high alcohol Rose wines that are gentle and slightly spicy. Typical aromas found in Mataro rose wines are red berries and cherry.

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