Posted On 12 April 2021

The project started 9 years ago when we planted the first Yiannoudi vines. Yiannoudi is an exciting indigenous Cypriot variety that still has a lot to showcase. This is our first official release and hopefully more will follow.

The Vineyard

This is the first Yiannoudi Fikardos winery has released and is produced entirely from the Karias vineyard. The vineyard is located in Choulou village next to Ezousa river at an altitude of 250 meters. Despite its low altitude the average temperatures remain low. Cool air from the surrounding mountains flows down into the valley forming a cold pocket. This creates a substantial variation in day and night temperature that ensures our grapes are not only ripe but retain a lot of their natural acidity.

The vineyard was planted back in 2012, half with Yiannoudi and half with Xynisteri. The soil is alluvial (mostly clay) with a lot of pebbles and cobbles, which allows for better drainage and helps roots travel deeper. The vineyard is trained with the traditional goblet system meaning head trained and spur pruned.

The grape variety Yiannoudi has pollination issues which limit its yields significantly. The 1500 vines produced only 1008kg, that’s a mere 672gr per vine! Consequently this resulted in the production of only 800 bottles. The 2017 vintage was the first to produce good quality grapes worth vinifying separately. Just like our limited edition Leonardo, Yiannoudi will only be released on good vintages.


The grapes were harvested on the 18th of September. Upon arrival at the winery they were cooled down overnight to 5 degrees. The following day they were crushed and sent into a small stainless steel tank. The skins remained in contact with the juice during fermentation for 8 days at a temperature of 22-24°c. Fermentation continued at 16-18°c in 3 oak barrels after the skins were removed. Malolactic fermentation was initiated immediately after in the barrels. This in turn allowed for a better integration of the woody aromas and flavours extracted from the oak barrels. The oak barrels used were hybrids meaning they are made out of both american and french oak.

Taste notes:

The Yiannoudi has a bright medium ruby red color. Its body is medium and the acidity naturaly high. The aromas and flavours we find both on the nose and mouth are dark cherry, dark plum, blackberry, blackcurrant, vanilla and nutmeg.

Food pairing:

Meat dishes such as roast venison loin, rib eye steak and wild rabbit braised in red wine sauce. The tannins present in the Yiannoudi demand dishes that have fat and/or a lot of proteins. 

Additional information:

Designation: Protected Geographical Indication Pafos / Paphos.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Variety: Yiannoudi / Giannoudi 100% 

Aging: Eleven months in oak barrels.

Longevity: Fifteen+ years from the vintage.

Production: 800 bottles.

Available only at the winery and selected wine shops.

Yiannoudi or Giannoudi indigenous cyprus grape fikardos winery