In case you change your mind about a purchase, you may cancel your order, by calling :26 949814.

It is a basic prerequisite to cancel the order on time, before the process of shipping has started. You can cancel an order the same day the order was placed, provided it is a working day (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

We do not accept returns. Once an order has been dispatched or delivered, we cannot accept a return. We will only accept returns if and only if the item(s) when received are not in perfect condition.
If your parcel clearly shows signs of damage or leakage at the time of delivery, it should not be accepted. Please ask the courier to return the goods to us.

You will get a refund within fourteen days, or you will receive again the same item(s). You can choose one of the two options mentioned.

Lost Goods. We cannot accept any liability for lost item(s).