The main grape variety used in Achilleas is the Spanish grape variety Mataro. This grape variety has proven to produce exceptional wines in Cyprus because it is well adapted to hot, dry climates. Fikardos Winery sources all its Mataro grapes from its own organic vineyards in Pano Arodes village and from six vineyards located in Kalepia, Polemi and Kili villages (Paphos Region). Our own organic Mataro vineyards are grown on limestone soil and trained using the cordon training system. The rest of the vineyards are more than 20 years old, are grown on limestone soil and are trained using the traditional “Goblet” system.

Achilleas does not age in oak barrels like the rest of our red wines. Achilleas is meant to be a fresh, fruity red wine with few tannins.

Achilleas Taste Notes

A fresh, light-bodied wine with aromas of cherry, blackcurrant and dark plum. Bright red color, soft tannins, high acidity and notes of star anise and pepper dominate the palate.

Variety: Mataro (90%) Cabernet Sauvignon (10%)
Type: Red Dry
Vintage: 2016
Alcohol: 13.5%

Food Pairing

Achilleas pairs excellently with meat dishes such as Red Wine Roast Chicken, Pork Meatloaf and Cypriot meat meze. Since Achilleas is such a fresh and light wine it can also be paired nicely with Seafood dishes such as Pasta with Prawns in Garlic Tomato Sauce or Baked White Fish with Olives & a simple Tomato Sauce.


Cyprus Wine Competition 2006, Silver Medal


French Paradox re-confirmed. George Kassianos, Sunday Mail, 2013

Fikardos Wines

Fikardos Winery works in close cooperation with vine growers and always aims in selecting the best grapes for vinification. Besides working with international varieties the winery gives strong emphasis to Cyprus Indigenous varieties.

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