1988-1990: From a hobby to a business.

Everything started from one man’s passion about wine. The founder of Fikardos Winery, Mr Theodoros Fikardos started his career as a restaurateur. His job helped him over the years to develop an appreciation for good food and nourished his passion for wine. He always imagined himself making his own wine but never got the courage to try it out.

His winemaking journey started only after he married Elli Fikardrou in 1985. His wife came from a small village called Choulou which was surrounded by vineyards. This was the perfect opportunity for Mr Theodoros Fikardos to make his dream come true. The first barrel of wine came out in 1988. This was only for the family, friends and customers of the restaurant. The next year demand increased and so he produced two barrels (600 bottles). Finally, in 1990 with the help of his family and friends he transformed his hobby and passion into a business.

The winery during that period produced only one red wine called Ravanti. Ravanti was a blend of Mataro and Mavro and was named after his best friend.

1991-1993: First steps

  • The winery is established in anavargos village at Mr. Theodoros grandfather’s house.
  • The winery introduces the Amalthia (dry white), Ayia Irini (medium dry white), Katerina (medium sweet white), Iocasti (dry rose), Valentina (medium sweet rose) and Achilleas (red wine).
  • Production increases to 20,000 bottles per year by 1993.

1993-2000: New winery, experimentation and growth.

  • A new winery is built in Mesogi village to facilitate the expansion of production.
  • The following experimental, single variety wines are released in the market: Fikardos Riesling, Fikardos Merlot, Fikardos Lefkada, Fikardos Semillon.
  • Release of the first Fikardos Cabernet Sauvignon, Fikardos Shiraz, Fikardos Maratheftiko and Fikardos Chardonnay.

2001 – 2010: Modern equipment and market establishment.

  • Purchase of new equipment to increase production capabilities and to improve quality (bottling line, rotary winemaker, tanks).
  • Vinification of the first Leonardo red wine in 2001. A limited-edition wine produced to celebrate the birth of Mr. Theodoros youngest son and the winery’s most praised wine.
  • Vinification of the first Sunnamma dessert wine in 2004.
  • Vinification of the first Fikardos Spourtiko in 2006.

2010 – today

  • Establishment of Fikardos winery’s private organic vineyards in Pano Arodes and Choulou village.
  • Mr. Fikardos Fikardos joins the company as an assistant manager after completing his studies in Food Marketing and Economics.
  • Mrs. Valentina Fikardou joins the company as CFO after completing her studies in Accounting and Finance, ACCA.
  • Mr. Irineos Hadjifilippou joins the company as the winemaker after completing his bachelor degree in Agronomy and master’s degree studies in Enology and Viticulture.
  • Holistic Rebranding of Fikardos Wines by Chris Nathanael.
  • Senaga Trading becomes the official sales and distribution representative of Fikardos Winery in Cyprus between 2019-2022.
  • P&P PROKOPIOU becomes the official sales and distribution representative of Fikardos Winery in Cyprus. (2023)