Maratheftiko, Harvest update

Maratheftiko grape variety

Maratheftiko is a Cypriot indigenous grape variety that can only be found here in Cyprus. It is one of the last grapes to harvest every year and one of the toughest to grow. Fikardos Maratheftiko is produced only from vineyards located in Paphos. This year’s harvest was between the 18th and 19th of September, just 4 days earlier than 2017.

Maratheftiko produces medium to full body wines with flavours such as grand berry, blackberry, cherry and violet. The variety is also known to have a lot of tannins and high acidity, two components absolutely necessary for ageing. A typical Maratheftiko will usually reach its full potential after 6 to 7 years. At that moment it would have developed a very complex bouquet with flavours such as tobacco, forest floor and clove. Maratheftiko pairs very well with red meat dishes such as grilled beef steak, pot-roasted beef and Kleftiko.

Maratheftiko juice/wine during a pump-over session


A bit Maratheftiko history

Maratheftiko was not always famous and glamorous like today, it was rather an unknown and undesirable grape variety. The Cyprus wine industry back in the day was focused more on bulk wine. Producers needed grape varieties that could grow easily and produce a lot of grapes. Maratheftiko unfortunately did not meet any of these requirements. Some common problems the grape has are, its inability to self-pollinate, excessive vigour and chlorosis. These problems mean higher production cost and low yields. As the years passed and more private wineries started to emerge, the need for higher quality grapes let to the “rediscovery” of Maratheftiko. Fikardos Winery produced its first Maratheftiko back in 2003 and since then always produced the most gentle Maratheftiko in Cyprus.

A perfect Maratheftiko grape bunch
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