Wine pairing for your Easter feast


Kokoretsi is a Greek traditional dish usually prepared for Easter, over the years it has also become a very popular dish in Cyprus. For those that might not know kokoretsi is made out of the various lamb organs. The main ingredients are liver, lungs, “sweet breads” and the intestines. This unusual dish punches a strong savory flavor that is delightful to all meat lovers out there. It’s a dish rich in flavor but with a lot of fat. This means you need the right wine, one that can keep up with the strong flavour.

We recommend for this year’s Easter feast our Award winning 2014 Fikardos Maratheftiko. Maratheftiko is a variety with high flavor intensity capable to accompany such an intensely flavored dish. In addition you have a well-structured wine with plenty of ripe tannins and good acidity that will help you cut through all the fat.


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Ovelias (Whole lamb on a spit)

Ovelias is something associated with Easter in Cyprus. The slowly cooked whole lamb is something a lot of people look forward to eat every year and is part of our culinary culture. The lamb is usually cooked over a coal pit and the process can take up to 5 hours. The result is a beautifully tender meat packed with flavor. Such an extraordinary dish needs an extraordinary wine. Try out our Award winning Fikardos Shiraz 2014, a wine deep in color with beautiful dark cherry, elderberries and charred wood flavors. Its high acidity and rich, soft tannins will help you power through the intensely flavored dish. 


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