Fikardos Spourtiko Single Vineyard 2017, Intriguing Cypriot grape varieties

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Fikardos Spourtiko is produced from the rare, indigenous Cypriot variety Spourtiko. It has been cultivated in Cyprus for hundreds of years but was never planted by itself, always amongst other grape varieties (e.g Maratheftiko).

Spourtiko grapes have a very thin skin which makes them very delicate, so delicate in fact that they burst easily if they are left to overripe. It’s because of this attribute the old-timers named it Spourtiko. Spourto in the Cypriot dialect means to squash something or burst.

Fikardos Winery was the first winery in Cyprus to produce Spourtiko wine back in 2005.  The 2017 Spourtiko is produced only from one vineyard in Koili village. The vineyard is made out of limestone soil, is located at an altitude of 450 metres and the vines are trained with the traditional goblet system.


Winemaking process

The grapes were harvested on the 31st of August. Once the grapes arrived at the winery we cooled them down in our fridge. Cooling grapes helps us protect them from oxidation during crushing thus allowing us to retain the delicate varietal aromas of Spourtiko. Cooling also helps us with cool maceration. Cool maceration means keeping the grape must cool (4-15 °C) for several hours or days, by doing so we extracts more flavors and aromas from the skins. After 24 hours of cool maceration we started the fermentation process by increasing the temperature and adding our selected yeast. The fermentation was carried out in a stainless steel tank at a constant temperature of 16 °C and lasted for 12 days. Only 1500 bottles of this unique wine were produced.


Taste Notes:

Pale lemon-green color, light in body with a refreshing crisp acidity. Beautiful delicate flavors of citrus fruit, passion fruit and grass.


Food Pairing:

Fikardos Spourtiko can easily be consumed as an aperitif because of its light body. If you wish to pair it with food then choose something light such as Lamb’s lettuce salad, Steamed fish and Spinach, Hummus, and Bell Pepper Wraps.


Visit our winery and Taste our 2017 Single Vineyard Spourtiko

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