Our first Giannoudi vinification!

After 6 years of patience we are finally producing our first Giannoudi wine. The grapes come from our ‘Karias’ vineyard in Choulou village just next to Ezousa river. Giannoudi is indigenous to Cyprus and still remains one of the rarest grapes. Giannoudi grapes are medium in size with think skins and can produce wines rich in tannins and acidity.

Our Giannoudi was harvested on the 15th of September. The grapes were crushed and left to cold soak (cool maceration) for 3 days in order to extract more varietal aromas, color and flavor. The fermentation started in stainless steel tanks and continued in oak barrels once the skins were removed. The wine is now going through malolactic fermentation (MLF) a process that adds creamy flavors to our final wine. Only 850 bottles of Giannoudi will be produced and we are expecting to release them in 2 years from now.

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