Harvest update: Mataro/Mourvedre harvest at Fournia vineyard

We have reached the middle of the harvest and we are now receiving the final Cabernet Sauvignon and Mataro grapes. One of the last plots to harvest was our own Fournia vineyard in Pano Arodes village. The vineyard has a north-east orientation allowing it to catch the gentle morning sun. The soil is made out of limestone and the vineyard is located at an altitude of 600 meters.   

Mataro is very tolerant to extreme heat and thus can handle the weather conditions of Cyprus. It can produce refreshing and fruity rose wines with delicate strawberry, cherry and raspberry flavors but can also produce full body, meaty red wines.

Mataro / Mourvedre grapes cyprus wine vineyard harvest

Mataro is one of the main grapes used at Fikardos winery. For both of our rose wines, Valentina and Iocasti, Mataro is always included in the blend. Valentina is mainly made out of Cabernet Sauvignon but Mataro, Shiraz and Carignan act as the supporting grapes. On the other hand Iocasti is almost entirely made from Mataro with only a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon included in the blend. As for the red wines Mataro is the primary grape used in the production of Achilleas, a fresh, unoaked red wine.

The second half of the harvest will be exclusively Cypriot grapes. Cypriot grapes are always harvested last because they are well adapted to the hot climate of Cyprus and ripen slowly. The first grape to harvest will be Giannoudi from our own ‘Kourtaka’ vineyard. Then Xynisteri will follow and as always Maratheftiko will be last.

mataro grapes vineyard harvest 2017 paphos cyprus wine

cyprus wine vinyards paphos cyprus fikardos winery mataro grapes

Mataro harvest at fournia village dog helps out
Our little friend here came out of nowhere to help us and only left when we finished the harvest.
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