Rainbow Grapes ? Véraison has arrived !!!


Véraison signals the start of ripening. Until this point our grapes where focused on getting bigger through cell division and cell enlargement. During that period they gathered a lot of acids, were very firm and their color (regardless the grape variety) remained green.

During Véraison the color of white grape varieties turns into golden yellow and the color of red grape varieties turns into purple. Once the color changes this means we have entered the ripening period. During ripening the grapes collect sugars, become softer, less acidic and develop their aromas.

Véraison is a good harvest indicator. Once Véraison finishes we know that in approximately 5-7 weeks the harvest will start. Of course the start of véraison and the duration of ripening can change depending on temperature, sun exposure, altitude, rain and soil and the grape variety. For example véraison of Mataro (picture 1) at our ‘Furnia’ vineyard has already started while in other areas has not. At the same vineyard we can also see that the all the plots exposed to more sun have started véraison while the rest have not.

This vintage looks very promising with all grape varieties in all vineyards ripening normally. Let’s hope everything continues the same way so we can enjoy the full potential of our grapes.

Cyprus-vineyard-veraison-fikardos-winery Veraison cyprus vineyard cyprus wine

Cyprus vineyards fikardos winery

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