Planting a new Mataro/Mourvedre Vineyard.

Mataro was first used by Mr. Theodoros Fikardos back in 1991 for Achilleas, his first red wine and later on in the blend that made up Valentina, a rose wine named after his daughter.

The new Mataro vineyard is located in Choulou village in Paphos. A grape variety perfectly suited for the hot, arid Mediterranean climate of Cyprus. Mataro is a late ripening grape so it thrives only in warm and hot climates. Its grapes are medium in size and have thick skin. The grapes accumulate a lot of sugar thus produce wines high in alcohol, full body, high in tannins with dark fruit and meaty flavors.

During winter pruning this year we collected cuttings from our “Furnia” vineyard in Pano Arodes. The cuttings where then tight up in bundles of 150 and were buried in the ground. During their time in the ground the cuttings pushed small roots and once the temperature increased enough, we knew it was time to dig them out and start planting.

Mataro roots, planting a new vineyard, Fikardos Winery, Paphos, Cyprus

The planting process does not differ much from what people did 50 years ago in Cyprus. The “Skala” we use today to make holes in the ground (Y shaped tool that has a heavy, metal conical nose in the middle) and the “Steka” we use for tamping the soil around the grape vine are exactly the same tools used by old-timers. Something else that has not changed is the way we plant vineyards in Cyprus. Everyone including family members and friends gather together to plant a new vineyard.

Planting a new vineyard, Fikardos Winery, Paphos, Cyprus  Planting Mataro, Fikardos Winery, Paphos, Cyprus, vineyardMataro grape vine, Fikardos Winery, Paphos, Cyprus  Planting a new vineyard, Mataro, Paphos, CyprusPlanting Mataro vineyard, Fikardos Winery, Paphos, Choulou VillagePlanting Mataro at Fikardos Winery vineyards in Choulou village

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