The Harvest Finishes with Maratheftiko.

We finish this year’s harvest with Maratheftiko, one of the most talked about grape varieties in Cyprus. Despite our early concerns about the quality of Maratheftiko, everything went well. The quality of the grapes surpassed all our expectations. The grapes managed to mature just right and we did not have a lot of pollination problems.

In the following picture you we can see the difference between good pollination and bad pollination. Both samples are from our vineyards in Pano Arodes. At the top picture we can see a beautiful cluster of Maratheftiko and on the bottom the worst case scenario. In our area planting Maratheftiko together with Spourtiko seems to solve the pollination problem. But this isn’t the case in other vineyards. We still have much to understand about this beautiful grape variety.

Maratheftiko grapes, Indigenous grape of Cyprus

Besides been a tough grape to grow, we all love Maratheftiko and we all feel proud to work with it. The harvest might be over but the work continues. The majority of our wines are still fermenting, once all of them are finished we will start the blending process!!!

Maratheftiko grapes by Fikardos Winery in Cyprus

Grape crushing at Fikardos Winery in Pafos, Cyprus

To all the wineries that haven’t yet finished their harvest we want to wish them good luck and good wines!

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