Xinisteri and Maratheftiko the last grapes to harvest.

We have entered the final stage of the 2016 harvest. After receiving all the international grapes (shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay…) it’s time now to harvest the Cypriot grapes.

The first wave of Xinisteri and Maratheftiko has already been received and we are expecting more next week from our vineyards and other higher altitude vineyards. Xinisteri this year is exceptional while Maratheftiko besides its pollination problems is still very good.

Xinisteri is by far the most wide spread white grape variety in Cyprus and has shown over the years that it can produce wonderful, refreshing, medium body wines full of stone fruit aromas. This is the ideal wine to consume during summer and the perfect accompaniment for light seafood dishes.

Maratheftiko is the King of Cypriot grape varieties, not because huge qualities of it are produced but because of its superior quality. Maratheftiko has the ability to produce rich, full body red wines with dark and red fruit aromas. These are wines that demand respect and wines that are unique in the world.

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