The importance of skin contact in winemaking

At Fikardos winery we produce a medium sweet rose wine called Valentina and medium sweet red wine called Iasonas. Both wines are produce from the same Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (same vineyards). The only difference between the two wines is the maceration time (skin contact). Maceration is simply the amount of time you leave your juice to soak with the grape skins. With maceration you extract color, flavors, tannins and nutrients.

The more time your juice spends with the skins the more color you extract. Valentina is produced from free run juice (no pressing to extract) and its maceration time is 6-8 hours. That’s enough time for our juice to take on a beautiful rose color. The remaining juice is then left to soak with the skins until the morning (16 hours total maceration time). With the help of the press we then extract the remaining juice and produce Iasonas.

Both wines have totally different aromas, flavors and body feel just because of maceration.

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