Wine Pairing: Halloumi and Watermelon

Chances are, if you live in Cyprus, you have most certainly tried this amazing summer combination. The classic Halloumi (cold) and Watermelon salad is something most of us enjoy every summer at the beach.

Halloumi is the most well-known traditional cheese of Cyprus, it is usually made out of goat milk, although there is also another mixture, consisting of goat and cow milk. Nowadays, the majority of the Halloumi is sold fresh (soft), but you can still find matured Halloumi. The matured Halloumi is the real deal, it is much harder and takes on a more enjoyable salty flavor compared to the fresh one.

Halloumi with Watermelon are a successful combination because the salty flavor of the Halloumi blends in very nicely with the refreshing and sweet flavor of the Watermelon. Salt has the ability to increase sweetness in food, therefore, making very appealing to a lot of people. Other famous examples are Teriyaki sauce (soy sauce with sugar) and salt in chocolate cookies.

But what kind of wine is suitable for such a meal?

The best combination would be our semi-sweet Valentina. Valentina is a refreshing, fruity wine made of Cabernet Sauvignon. The sweetness of the wine will pair excellently with the sweetness of the watermelon and the saltiness of the Halloumi.

On the other hand, if you fancy some white wine, you can enjoy it with our semi-sweet Katerina. Katerina is a low alcohol wine made from the indigenous grape variety of Xinisteri and the French, Semillon.

Enjoy your summer  !!!

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