Fruit Set !

Our grapevines in Pano Arodes village are currently at the fruit set stage. Fruit set comes after the flowering/pollination period and at this stage the seed starts to develop together with the grape berry that protects it.

Only a few flowers make it through pollination and become berries. Factors such as poor nutrition, vine vigor, weather and the variety influence the success of pollination. The newly developed grapes will continue to grow in size very fast until Véraison (the stage where color changes and the grapes start to ripen).

The following photos show Shiraz, Mataro and Maratheftiko berries. Note that even from this early stage we can distinguish the different varieties. Shiraz has oval shaped berries and the cluster is not crowded while Mataro has almost round grapes and a fuller cluster.

Maratheftiko on the other hand is a different, complicated story. Maratheftiko has a pollination problem which doesn’t allow the majority of the grapes to pollinate. We can clearly see that only a few grapes are the appropriate size. When it’s time to harvest only the bigger, fully developed grapes will be ripe. This creates problems during winemaking since the small green berries will impact our wine in a negative way.

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