Focus on Spourtiko

Spourtiko is a very rare Cypriot white grape variety that represents only 0.2% of cultivated vineyards on the island and is mostly grown amongst other grape varieties. Fikardos Winery was the first Winery to produce Spourtiko wine in Cyprus.

Spourtiko is mostly planted within Maratheftiko grapevines in order to help Maratheftiko overcome its pollination problem. Single Spourtiko vineyards are almost impossible to find.  The majority of Spourtiko vineyards are located in the Paphos region in villages such as Kili (450 m) and Panayia (1100 m).

Spourtiko grapes have a very thin skin, once they mature they become very delicate and burst very easily. Spourtiko in the Cypriot dialect means ‘burst” thus Spourtiko translates into the bursting grape. Spourtiko wines are known to produce light wines with an alcohol content that rarely exceeds 11%. All Spourtiko wines can be distinguished by their herbaceous and citrus character.

Fikardos Spourtiko is produced by grapes are grown at our organic vineyards in Pano Arodes village and by two producers in Kili village (Paphos Region). The vineyards grown on limestone soil at an altitude of between 450-650 metres above sea level. The Spourtiko grapes in Pano Arodes are trained with the cordon training system among our Maratheftiko vines whilst the rest of the vineyards are trained with the traditional ‘goblet’ system. Spourtiko grapes are usually harvested the first week of September.


Food Pairing:

Since Spourtiko is such a light wine, it can easily be enjoyed as an aperitif (before food). Spourtiko will pair very nicely with green salads and Grilled and Marinated Vegetables or with seafood dishes such as Whole Roasted Sea Bass.

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