The top 10 Funniest Valentine’s competition answers.

Our Valentine’s competition has come to an end, we asked you: What is the funniest compliment he/she has ever told you? The following are the top 10 funniest answers we got, enjoy !

  •  I don’t just feel butterflies in my stomach, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.


  •  Was your dad a milkman? And I answered: Yes how do you know? Because you are a just like a Galaktompoureko (greek custard filled pastry).


  •  What a nice wig you have !


  •  Me: Hey girl do you accept compliments? Girl: Yes sure Me: Nice moustache …!


  •  I hope your day is as nice as your ass!!


  •  You sleep like a Barbie that has nightmares.


  •  Do you believe in Love at first sight or should I pass again in 15 minutes?


  •   You look so cute just like your dog…..


  •  You look just like a koupepi (filed up vine leafs) the way you wrap yourself in the bathrobe.


  •  Could you top up my wine please darling, my glass is like a Bank of Cyprus account, half empty.


We hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s day ! 

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