Immersion of Cypriot wine in the sea, Preparation

Tomorrow Saturday 14th of November at 11:00 am more than 200 wines from all Cyprus will be submerged under water. The wines will age under water for a year and will be opened in January 2017 when Pafos will be announced as the cultural capital of Europe.

The wines are first sealed with wax to prevent the sea water from entering the bottle. All the bottles will then be placed into a metal container that will protect them from breaking and drifting away.

Transportation: There will be a boat from the Pafos Harbour to transfer everyone free to the location (Moulia), please be at the harbour at 10:30.

At 18:00 there will also be a wine tasting and Barrel exhibition event at the Pafos Old Turkish Baths (Hamam).

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