Xinisteri, the last grape variety to harvest.

We are approaching the end of this year’s harvest. Xinisteri is the last grape variety we harvest from our own vineyards at Choulou village.

The variety is one of the most popular grape varieties in Cyprus and has been used by Fikardos Winery for the last 25 years. Xinisteri is the main grape variety in our refreshing white dry Amalthia and our medium-sweet Katerina.

More than 50% of all Xynisteri in Cyprus is cultivated in Paphos. Xinisteri is an indigenous grape variety than has been grown on the island for thousands of years. Xinisteri is one of the two varieties used in the production of Commandaria. Commandaria is a traditional sweet dessert wine that has been produced in Cyprus for the last 2800 years.

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