The first Giannoudi Harvest

Fikardos Winery planted tree years ago the first Giannoudi grapes vines in Choulou village, this is the first year we harvest our vines. Giannoudi has a lot of similarities to Maratheftiko, another Cypriot variety.

Both varieties produce grapes that are round, have tick skins and produce wines rich in tannins and acidity. Our Giannoudi grape vines are located between Choulou and Kourtaka village just next to the Ezousa River at an altitude of 230 meters. The cold night air settles at the bottom of this valley making it a very cool place to grow vineyards.

Giannoudi grape variety, indigenous to Cyprus, Fikardos Winery vineyards

Giannoudi is an extremely rare Cypriot Variety that was rediscovered just a few year ago. Half a century ago in Cyprus there were two main grape varieties, the very productive red variety Mavro and the white variety Xinisteri. The rest of the Cypriot grape varieties existed but in very small quantities. During the late 1970s the government of Cyprus introduced a big number of international grapes varieties as an effort to improve the competitiveness of Cypriot wines among the rest of the world. As years past and more international grape varieties were planted the already rare indigenous grape varieties almost disappeared.

The first harvest just gave as a small sample of what to anticipate from this remarkable grape variety. In three years’ time we are expecting to receive full production from our Giannoudi vineyard.

Giannoudi vineyards in Choulou village in Cyprus, Hide and seek Giannoudi vineyards in Cyprus by Fikardos Winery Giannoudi grape variety, Cyprus indigenous grape Giannoudi vineyards in Paphos

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