Organic Mataro Harvest

It’s the second year we harvest our young Organic Mataro Vineyard and things seem to go very well.

Mataro/Mourvèdre was the first variety our winemaker Theodoros Fikardos used back in 1990. Just like then Mataro is still used to produce our light, unoaked red Achilleas. The variety was later on used also to produce our refreshing dry rose Iocasti. Mataro was introduced in Cyprus 40 years ago and has proven to produce exceptional wines. The hot and dry climate of Cyprus seems to provide the perfect conditions for its growth. Clusters of Mataro are relatively compact with medium size, round grapes.

At the moment we are in the middle of the Harvest and we are running on all cylinders. Some of the varieties fermenting are Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Chardonnay, Semillon and the rare Spourtiko. We are expecting at the end of next week the first Xinisteri and Maratheftiko grapes.

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