We proceed with the harvest of Semillon

We proceed with the harvest of Semillon, a white grape variety used in our Amalthia and Katerina wines (Xinisteri-Semillon).

All grapes are first chilled down to 4⁰C and then are crushed to extract the juice. By chilling the grapes we can achieve a must (juice and crushed grapes) temperature of 9-10⁰C. We maintain this temperature for a few hours in order to extract more varietal aromas from the grape skins. We follow the same method for all our wines.

Semillon is a French grape variety that has been cultivated in Cyprus for the last 35 years. Since Fikardos Winery produces only Paphos Regional wines, all Semillon grapes are sourced from the nearby villages Kili and Kalepia. Fikardos Winery has been using Semillon grapes for the last 20 year to produce its famous Xinisteri-Semillon blend (Amalthia, Katerina).

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