The harvest starts with the world famous Chardonnay….

The harvest starts with the world famous Chardonnay. All our Chardonnay grapes come from the nearby villages Kili and Letimpou.

Chardonnay is used by Fikardos Winery to produce Alkisti and Xilogefiro wines. Alkisti is dry unoaked Chardonnay while Xilogefiro is a limited edition Chardonnay that matures in new oak barrels for 3-4 months.

“International” grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc are always the first to harvest in Cyprus. Most of these varieties where introduced in Cyprus during the late 1970s. On the other hand the Cypriot grape varieties are ready to harvest during mid-September.

We wish to all wineries a great harvest!

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