The magic of Veraison !

It’s that magic time of the year when our vineyards are flooded with colors. Our grapes are changing color which means only one thing, Véraison. Veraison represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening.


During véraison grapes start to change color. White wine grapes turn from green into golden yellow and red wine grapes turn from green into deep purple. Not all grapes change color at the same time, grapes exposed to more light and heat change color first while grapes near the trunk or in shaded areas change color last. During this changing period the vineyards transform into a spectacular colorful paradise.

For most grape varieties this also signifies the slowdown of new shoot growth and root growth. The energy used by the grapevine is now redirected towards the fruit.

During ripening the grapes become soft, the acidity levels drop, the sugar levels rise and the aroma compounds are formed.

Last year we saw the first signs of véraison at our Shiraz and Mataro vineyards around 21st of June. This year véraison seems to be almost 12 days late which translates into a delayed harvest. As soon as grapes start changing color (véraison) this means harvest is approaching fast.

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