Fikardos Winery has been making quality wines since 1990. Every year enhancing the style and quality of its wines attracts a greater circle of devotees. Because of its hard work and dedication to quality wine making, today is respected as one of the Cyprus's leading wineries, with growing international recognition.

The Pafos Region

The south-western slopes of the Troodos mountains are the location for some of the finest vineyards in Cyprus. Here, long-established local grapes grow alongside famous international varieties that have been introduced successfully to Cyprus. The combination of soil (The 'Terroir'), location, altitude and climate provide superb opportunities for the winemaker to demonstrate his skills of vinification and blending.
The Fikardos Winery is located at Mesogi village, just north of Paphos town. It is a modern state-of-the-art wine-making plant, settled in an area rich with thousands of years of wine tradition.

The Grapes

The origins of Cyprus' most prolific indigenous variety, the red wine grape “Mavro” and the white “Xynisteri” are lost in the mists of time. Other old varieties, like Opthalmo, Maratheftiko, Spourtiko and Lefkada, have blossomed under the hands of today's winemakers. The land around the Pafos region hill-villages of Kili, Tsada, Kallepia, Polemi, Stroumbi and Letymbou abound with them.
In the past 20 years these fertile mountain slopes have seen plantings of suitable international varieties, which now produce new-style wines of distinction such as Chardonnay, Sémillon, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Mataro “Mourvèdre”. Fikardos Winery masterfully utilises these varieties to create fresh, young, fruity wines in both varietal and blended styles, as well as wines suited to ageing.

The Wines

Fikardos Winery makes a range of red, white and rosé local table wines. New French oak barrels are used for maturing some red wines, and for the fermentation of one of Chardonnay Fume Xilogefiro.

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The Winery

The Wines



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